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Measuring 4-20 mA signal from a Pressure Sensor using NI 9219 DAQ

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Hi ,


I have a Pressure sensor ( Omega PX119 150GI) which outputs current in the Range of 4-20 mA and a measuring range of 0-150 psi. I also have a Compact DAQ with a USB serial port and an NI 9219 Universal DAQ. Could someone please let me know how to make the connections and measure the pressure using LabVIEW?  I am fairly new to this topic and help would be much appreciated.


Thank you so much in Advance,




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I am just consolidating the information from multiples sources

  1. NI 9219 Getting started guide -
  2. Omega PX119 sensor -

Your sensor specifies the pinout as highlighted below,



For each channel in NI 9129 DAQ, below is the pinout to connect a sensor in the current mode.




With these two pieces of information, you have to connect Sensor+ to HI and Sensor- to LO.


In order to use LabVIEW to collect data, use the below-highlighted example, (navigate to Help->Find Examples...)





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Hi Santosh,


Thank you so much for your reply. 


I had a few doubts regarding configuring the sensor in LabVIEW.:


- When I choose current continuous sampling, How do I convert that signal into Pressure?

- When I choose a Pressure VI example, It asks for electrical units in volts. What should I give the values as since my sensor outputs current.


I have attached picture for both cases. Could you please help me out with this issue.


Thank you so much in advance,




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Hi Santhosh,


Thank you so much for your help. I configured the sensors to work using NI 9219 DAQ.





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Hi Sid,


Did your pressure sensor require a voltage supply? 


I have a Hydrotechnik Pressure Sensor which requires a supply of 12-32VDC and gives an output of 0-10V. The supply is higher than the internal excitation voltage that the NI 9219 is capable of (and this is the only module I have easy access to) so I need an external power source.


I've seen on many forum posts that the NI 9219 can't handle external voltage excitation but is this just for bridge circuits? Since I just want to measure voltage do you know if my proposed setup work? I don't want to damage the hardware.


I'm new to this area so any help would be much appreciated!



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