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Measure time difference between two signals using PXIe6366 DAQ module



I am trying to measure the time difference between two signals using the two signal edge separation method. I am using the multifunction DAQ PXIe6366 for this. The problem is the maximum voltage of these signals are below 2.2 volt which is the high threshold for digital lines. The only solution I could think of is to connect the signals to analog input and generate a analog comparison event signal and then route this signal to the counter inputs.

But I am not sure exactly how to do it. Could some one please help me in this or provide some better suggestions




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It won't work since there is only one analog comparison event and you have two signals.


An external circuit to bring your signals up to 0-5V TTL should be pretty simple, no?



If not, you could do it by acquiring the analog signals but the resolution of your measurement will be much less (500 ns instead of 10 ns), it would require a bit of extra programming, and you will be streaming data back to your PC at 8 MB/s (which seems unnecessary given the counter implementaion only returns a single 32-bit sample).




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John Passiak
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