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Maximum Frequency Signal for NI USB-6259

Hello, I have a question about the maximum output frequency from a USB-6259 DAQ module. I am using it to generate a sinusoidal AC voltage signal from one of the analog outputs and then measure this signal from one of the analog inputs. Ideally, I would like like to generate a signal in the MHz range, but does it go that high? The specifications say that this device has a maximum sampling rate of 1.25 MS/s on a single channel. Does this imply that for a 1 MHz signal, I would only be able to generate approximately 1 sample per period, and hence not a 1 MHz sinusoidal wave?  

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For the Analog Output, you maximum sample frequency is 2.86MS/s.  A general rule of thumb to have a good representation of your sine wave is a sample rate of at least 10x the signal frequency.  So with the 2.86MS/s, you would probably want to do no more than a 286kHz signal.  If you want to go by the Analog Input, then use the 1MS/s, giving you an upper signal frequency of 100kHz.

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