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Max Calibration on a Standalone Executable

I have cDAQ 9133 being used to control an engine test cell. It only has 15GB of C:\ drive space, which means it's not enough to hold Windows 7 embedded, Labview Development Suite and the DAQmx drivers. I really can't understand why NI would sell this device with so little memory, but for now I'm trying to find a way to make this work. 


The workaround I was recommended was to create a standalone executable/installer, which I've done. However, I don't know how I am to calibrate instrumentation, which we have to do a regular basis for certifications, without NI Max installed. I can import the .ini/.nce file to load the most recent calibration, but that doesn't help when I need to edit calibration points. 

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Hey jfleming10, if you install the DAQmx drivers they should come with NI MAX installed. You shouldn't need to install the entire LabVIEW Development Suite to be able to calibrate your executable.

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I assume, that the 9133 doesn't need a calibration. The (analog) IO cards will need it.

One way would be to take out the cDAQ cards and calibrate them in an other chassis or PC with a USB cDAQ slot or ...

Do you have the hardware (References) to do your own calibration? 


Finally it's not so complicated to write a small LabVIEW calibration routine dedicated to  2-6 different types of devices (BTDT)

ok, never done it for cDAQs, 'just' PXI devices  😉 


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