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Max AO Waveform with USB6363

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Max AO Waveform with USB6363

I am looking at the spec sheet for the USB 6363 and I am unsure if I can do what I want to which is A 10kHz waveform with at least 20 points per wave, and it would run for 0.5 seconds (going between 0 and 3V).  The relevant specs are below:

Maximum update rate (simultaneous) 1 channel 2.86 MS/s
Timing accuracy 50 ppm of sample rate 
iming resolution 10 ns

In the test panel, if I try to do a rate of 5000000, that says a wave of 5kHz is generated, and an error pops up saying I need to reduce.

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Accepted by topic author jmaslek
04-14-2017 11:10 AM

Re: Max AO Waveform with USB6363

Hello, jmaslek! 

From your parameters, I calculated that you would need a sampling rate of 200 kHz.


That’s within spec for the USB-6363 for single channel and up to five multi-plexed channels. Where did you get the number 5,000,000 Hz?

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