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MIO device drivers installation fails



I am using a NI PCIe 6361 card in an IPC with 2 Processor boards. One processor boards runs Windows, the other linux. The IPC is a 3 year old Advantech with Intel Core duo E7500 processors on both boards. The NI PCIe card is located on the backplane. This setup has worked great until Windows was upgraded from XP to WIN7 Pro SP1 recently. When I install the old hard disk with Windows XP, the card is properly recognized.


Now the installation of the NI-DAQMX software keeps failing with the error message "MIO device drivers for 64 bit Windows 2.10.5 installation failed"

I tried version 9.5.5, 9.7.0 and 9.7.5. The error message is the same.


In the Windows device managers, there are 2 flagged devices: "PCI Data Aquisition and Signal Processing Controller" and "PCI simple communications controller"


For some other test benches we are using standard office computers. The same Windows version is installed and the same DAQ card. The device manager properly identifies the card as Data aqyuisition device PCIe 6361.


Can somebody give me some advise how I can make the PCIe 6361 card work on the IPC with Windows7? Our company does not allow XP computers in the network any longer. Thank you in advance for your support!


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Hi Kilians,


I looked your device and driver up: It should work with Win 7. 


Does the device show up in NI-MAX?


Please uninstall the device and NI DAQmx drivers. Is there still something missing in win device manager? NI devices should not show up in win device manager. If there still something is missig you have to find a propper driver.


Afterwards try this installation order:


1. Install driver (without device installed)

2. shut down PC 

3. install device

4. reboot PC

5. Look up the device in MAX -not windows device manager.


I hope this helps. The error message is a MSI error message not an NI error message.


Kind regards






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I am having the same issue when installing the NI-DAQMX software.  I have tried un-installing, reinstalling and shutting down as suggested but had no luck.  Were you able to resolve the issue and if so, how? 

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I was at least partly successful. I deleted all National Instruments folders I could find on the harddrive.

Additionally, I manually searched for "National" in the Windows registry and deleted everything related to NI in there (It was a lot). Afterwards the installation of the NI-DAQMX drivers finally was successful. In the Windows device manager, my PCIe-6361 card shows up now. However, there is still a PCI Simple Communications Controller flagged in the device manager. I have no idea what this might be and I also don't know how I could possibly identify it. It keeps coming back even if I uninstall it.

I would like to use the PCIe-6361 card together with Dewesoft oscilloscope software. Unfortunately, Dewesoft is unable to recognize the PCIe-6361 card. Potentiallly this is due to the unknown PCI Simple Communications Controller. On other test stands Dewesoft works well with the PCIe-6361 card.


Many thanks to HeinzG for his response!



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