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Looking for analog input output card

I am looking NI 4 Analog input and 2 Analog outPut card with voltage range of + or - 10 volt with 16 Bit resolution 1 Bit stability I would like to know wheather NI 6014 meets my requirement or not. Moreover
I would like to the diffrence between s-series,E-series ,Low Cost E-series and Basic Multifunction DAQ
and what is the diffrence between simultaneous sampling,single ended and differential.
Expecting your kind reply
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The PCI-6014 has 16 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs at 16 bits of resolution with ranges of +/- 10 V so it may meet your requirements, depending on what kind of speed you need. The 6014 runs at up to 200kS/s AI, but 10kS/s AO. You will need to determine if those rates are fast enough for your application. Because the analog input on that board is multiplexed, the actual number of samples per second for each channel will be 200kS/s divided by the number of channels being acquired.

E Series is general multifunction DAQ at various speeds, and Low-cost E series is similar but at lower rates with fewer features. The new M Series line offers better value than M series and is recommended if you are creating a new application.

The S Series line offers simultaneous sampling analog input as opposed to the multiplexed analog input that E and M series use. This means that all channels are sampled at the exact same time instead of staggered one after another. Some of the S series boards have analog output capabilities, while some do not.

Single ended measurements use a common negative pin for all analog input measurements. Differential measurements have a positive and a negative pin for every channel, and as a result are much better for floating signals.

The board which is best for you probably depends mostly on how fast you want to go, since the requirements you listed are found in almost all of the latest cards.
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