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Looking for a MDAQ card similar to the PCT-6111 but for laptop

Is it possible to get as fast of a MDAQ board (5MS/s sampling rate, 4MS/s output) and compatible with a laptop?



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I think your question should read 'Looking for an NI card similar to the PCI-6111' since this site is NI's and there would be no reason to look for an MDAQ card here.


Besides the sample rates, what are the other specs of the card you are looking to replace? Number of channels, etc.

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Yeah, I mean MDAQ as in "multifuction data aquisition" NI card. It should have at least 1 output and 1 input channel.
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I'm not familiar with any since USB device that meets the specs but hopefully, someone from NI will see this and correct me if I'm wrong.
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The fastest sampling rate available with a USB DAQ card is 1.5MS/s I believe.
Message Edited by Akatsuki on 01-29-2010 03:32 PM
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Hello Akatsuki,

Looking through the Multifunction product line there is no USB option that matches the 6111 AI/AO sampling specifications. The following link shows the available USB multifunction DAQ options.

However, there are a couple USB SCOPE options that appear to satisfy your AI requirements.  

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