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Logging Data from USB 6000 without Labview

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Greetings all.


I am sure this questions is buried somewhere, so I apologize if I am repeating a question that has already been posed and addressed. If this is a redundant question, simply pointing me to the relavent post will help.


I've got a USB 6000. I've got it set up and working just fine in a MAX test panel. Is there any way to log acquired data to any sort of file without Labview, measurment studio, signal express, or lab windows/cvi? In a similar note, being able to acquire and log data without a different programming routine like .Net or C++. Maybe there is a way to create a task and call it from an excel macro?


I know I've dug my own grave by getting the bottom of the like USB DAQ. However, even with the USB-6000, there must be a way to log the data being acquired without needing to make additional investments in development software. Not trying to do anything fancy like triggering or data manipulation, I'm just looking to log measured voltages to file and do post processing in Excel.


Again, I am sure this (or at least a similar) question has been posed before. Any help would be appreciated.




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I think Signal Express is what you really want to use here.  It was designed for the very high level, simple measurement acquisition.


In MAX, you can set up the task to log to a TDMS file.  With that enabled, you should be able to just let Signal Express run your task and then tell it to stop whenever you want it to and the data will be logged.

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In setting up my very basic system, I didn't fully investigate everything that was included in the included DAQmx driver disc. The limited version of the signalexpress seems to have everything I need.


Thanks for the fast response!



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