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Linear displacement sensors suitable for cDAQ Chassis



I am wondering if anyone has experience with using linear displacement sensors with NI hardware (preferably suitable with a cDAQ chassis)? I need to measure the displacement (0mm to 2mm) of 4 lifted pads, using 4 linear displacement sensors. I will be using LabVIEW to send actuation commands over CAN bus to the lifted pads, and would like to also acquire the displacement with LabVIEW as well. There are plenty of hacky ways I can think of doing this, but I would prefer to purchase a C-series card that I can gather the displacement data with. I see a range of technologies  - linear potentiometers, capacitance based or even LVDT for example, that look like they can work, but I would love some advice on which technology would be easiest to implement. The lifted pad has two positions, up (2mm) and down (0mm), and I would like to gather displacement data after the actuation is finished (rather than during actuation). Thank you   

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