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Labview CRIO vs CDAQ without FPGA license

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Quick question, if I have a CRIO and a CDAQ but don't have the LabVIEW FPGA license (to program the CRIO), is the CRIO still the better option? It's a pretty general question, overall goal is to read voltages at 10,000 samples a second.

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You need LVFPGA to program a cRIO.

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@santo_13 wrote:

You need LVFPGA to program a cRIO.

Depends on the controller and what is being done with the IO.  You definitely need LabVIEW RT for a cRIO.  Some of the controllers will allow you to use DAQmx to control the IO modules.  Or if your data rate is slow (>10ms per read), you can use the Scan Engine to access the IO.

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