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LabVIEW 8.5 and Linkam Stage

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My project uses a Linkam Temperature Control Stage TMS 92.  I want to establish connection with this device to LabVIEW 8.5.  Can anyone give me a specific instruction?  Your help is very much appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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I looked around for a bit, and was unable to find an operating or programming manual (or really any information) for the TMS 92. I found an opertating manual for the TMS 94 here, and it looked like it can do serial communication, but I dont know how similar the TMS 92 is or what commands you would send to the device (there was no programming reference manual). There were also no existing LabVIEW drivers available on You may have luck talking to it similar to how we do in our basic serial read-write example after contacting Linkam to figure out what commands you will need to send it, but without the device's documentation, its hard to say. I did see on Linkams website that there may be manuals for the device, but it requires a login which I do not have. If you are able to get a programming reference manual, we may be able to get this up and running. 




Kyle Mozdzyn

Applications Engineering

National Instruments


Kyle M.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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Hi Kyle M


Thanks for the answer.  I emailed the customer support and received the manual for TMS 92.  The manual has information on how to connect the cables to PC and on the programming commands.  But unfortunately, I still have no idea how to establish a connection with LabVIEW.  I mean how to make the device programmable within LabVIEW.  Anyone has done this before?  Can you give me guidance please.  Thanks.


Best regards,


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You will need to use VISA read/write commands to talk to the device thru your com port. The labview code will need to format your commands and write them out the serial port with the proper structure.


Do they have a test/demo program for the TM92 that will run on your computer?? If so, download portmon and capture the datastream as that program executes. Then reverse engineer the labview code.


There are plenty of visa examples in the forums.

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Thanks a lot, unclebump


I've configured my device succesfully and made the correct VISA program. Everything is easy now.

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I recently started working with TMS94. Could you provide your LabVIEW codes here? I'd appreciate that alot!

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Accepted by topic author hetrinomial

Hi TeemuS


Sorry for the late post, it's been a long time I have not worked with LabVIEW. Here's the code I used, but it may not suit your needs.



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Hi Hetrinomial,


I'm pretty sure that this is exactly what I need.


Thank you very much!

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I made software for controling Linkam stages from any application:

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Hi there, 


I just  bought a Linkam PE95 temp. controller and I would like to vombine it with an LCR bridge for impedance measurements in the temp. regime 100K-500K. However, although I connected the PE95 to the computer through USB port, located at the rear panel of the instrument, I do not "see" any instrument connection in the NI-MAX, thus I cannot controll the PE95. Do I need to intall any extra driver? Is there any idea about it? 


Thanks in advance...



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