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KM10 Pressure Transducer Connection via NI9949 RJ50 Terminal Block to NI9237

Good Day,


I am new and forgive me for any misuse of nomenclature. My goal is to measure the pressure within a chamber from a 3 wire KM10 pressure transducer. I am using an RJ50 female screw terminal block (Serial # 196773B-01) is used to connect the 3 wires. The red I have connected to the excitation port, which is the #6 location of the terminal block, the black I have connected to the negative analog input port which is the #3 location of the terminal block and the white I have connected to the Positive analog input signal connection which is the #2 location of the terminal block. There is also a bare unshielded wire that is connected to the #7 position on the terminal block. I don't know where that would be wired specifically. This is all connected to the NI 9237 Full bridge analog input DAQ though a Rj50 cable. When wired as shown in the attachments and scaling the pressure values to 0.5mv/v at 0 psi and 4.5mv/v at 100 psi along with providing an execution voltage of 5v there is a wrong pressure value and the pressure transducer is unresponsive under load. Am I wiring this correctly or will I need to use a quarter bridge setup? Any guidance on how to properly configure a pressure transducer and if the physical setup is correct will be much appreciated. Thank you 

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I don't think KM10 is a bridge-based pressure transducer. NI-9237 only accepts the input voltage of +/1 25mV/V. With an excitation of 5V, the maximum range is +/-125mV.

KM10 outputs a signal of 0.5 to 6 VDC. It is just a 3-wire voltage pressure transducer. Use a normal voltage input module with an external power supply as the power supply instead.

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Do you recommend an NI-9201 for this application? As far as connectivity goes would I just directly screw down the white signal wire to one of the screw terminal ports on that device and just setup as usual though the labVIEW DAQ assistant? 


Thank you

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NI-9201 is a good choice with an adequate input range. Don't forget the external power supply.

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Since I was limited on equipment I wasn't able to use the NI-9201 but I was able to use an Arduino and use the analog input features that come along with it. Thank you for the help. 


If you are curious to see a wiring schematic or the code setup let me know and I will link it in the thread

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