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Isolated analog input measurment

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Hello all,


I am using NI USB 6259 card. I would like to measaure some voltage up 5 V on a electronic device supplied with network. So the risk is that accidently on a ground signal I may have L line instead of N ( the grounds are common). Because it may destroy the card - there is my question here - is there a way to isolate the card and the device, but also be able to measure analog signals ? Maybe some additional devices or so?


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Hello PacHOOK,
you should consider using one of our isolated bus-powered isolated USB M Series multifunction data acquisition (DAQ) module. Isolated data acquisition boards provide an isolated floating ground and removes ground loops. So you will protect your USB card from taking damage.

Best Regards

Lukas Bedajanek
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it seems it can eb some solution. Before final decision I will speak to hardware departments to see if anything can be done from their side.


Thanks for your support


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