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Is there the .vi for the NI Datalogger included in DAQmx base for MacOS?

I am struggling with run the USB-6212 in MacOS High Sierra (10.13.6).


NI Max detects the USB-6212, but DAQmx base cannot detect it at all.


After several version change, uninstall and install... I found finally DAQmx base 14 detects USB-6212.


However, after compiling the NI-DAQmx-Base-for-LabVIEW-2017-on-Mac-OS-X, I could find the example for only the USB-6008, which cannot detect 6212 in Labview.


I tested PyDAQmx too. It detects DAQmx base but, crashes when listing device (known issue, due to 64bit-32bit incompatibility.)


Interestingly, after install DAQmx base 14, the NI datalogger included in DAQmx Base works fine.

Is there any link for .vi version of this logger?

Since NI datalogger is the ONLY one works with USB-6212, I hope to mod it from the working state with all the compiled library.



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