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Is there a way to see what accessory plugged into an SCXI module from NI-DAQ?

I noticed that the Measurement and Automation Explorer automatically detects accessories such as the 1314 thermocouple box. Can I deduce this information from NI-DAQ? It would extremely beneficial; as I would then automatically know which 1102(C) modules need cold junction compensation and linearization.
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It sounds like you are referring to the new feature where you can autodetect the SCXI-1520 and SCXI-1314 when first configuring your chassis in Measurement & Automation Explorer. (As this is new, the older modules do not have that feature.)

Currently, there is no way to programmatically retrieve that information for any of the SCXI modules, but I will pass that suggestion on to the developers for future consideration.

There are functions to get other types of information, such as SCXI_Get_Chassis_Info, SCXI_Get_Module_Info, and SCXI_Get_Status. You can learn about these in the NI-DAQ Help file (Start menu >> Programs >> National Instruments >> NI-DAQ).

Geneva L.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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