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Is there a DAQ that allows for sampling on each rising edge of a 1V analog signal?

I'm working on a new project, and looking to see if there is a DAQ that will work without having to modify the signal. I'm wanting to capture data from a rotary stage throughout an entire revolution. The stage has an encoder output, that I want to use that to trigger each sample, so each reading is in sync with the degree the stage is currently at. The encoder however only outputs a 1V analog output. Are there any devices that can use the rising edge to trigger a capture, or am I going to have to amplify the signal in order for it to be usable?

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One way to achieve this is to use devices that support Analog Triggers such as X-Series Multifunction DAQ, but it would be a little slow in responding to the rising edge. If you can withstand a few millisecs of delay, then analog trigger could be a way to go. Otherwise, you would have to amplify the signal.

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