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Is there a C-Series 12 V analogue output module?

Hi all,


A customer wants the ability to output up to 12 V (variable voltage). The system is quite simple, so CompactDAQ is ideal; PXI would be an overkill.


However, I can only find modules that output up to 10 V on the AO page ( ). Is there a C-Series module that can output 12 V?



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Output current needed?

Output voltage accuracy/stability/... needed?

Output freq? Settle time? ....


You can try two channels of a  9269


If no card available: Analog amplifer? Or if only 2+x V to 12V is needed : Just use a (Z)-Diode (and a R + supply)  or another floating voltage source (battery?)  to shift the output voltage?

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Thanks for your suggestions, Henrik.


I think op-amps are the way to go 🙂



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