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Is the USB-63x3 capable of Per Cycle Tristate?



I'm evalueating this X Series DAQ, and I'm wondering if this supports Per Cycle Tristate?


This means if its possible to have a digital waveform with Driving a pin High or Low and then Tristating or reading the same pin in a Per Channel and Per Cycle basis.


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X Series devices do NOT support per-cycle tri-state.  You may tri-state a digital output line but this is done with a software call (not based off of a HW clock).


If you need per-cycle tri-state then you'll have to look into the 655x HSDIO products.



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John Passiak
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Just to add to John's comment, the PXIe-6547 and PXIe-6548 also support per channel tristae.   If you are familiar with LabVIEW and LabVIEW FPGA you might also consider FlexRIO.  Adapter modules like the NI 6583 provide per cycle per channel tristate. To find out more about FlexRIO you can visit



Jesse O. | National Instruments R&D
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