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Is the USB 6353 supported by Matlab 2008?

Is the USB 6353 supported by the Instrument Control Toolbox of Matlab R2008a?

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Thank you for posting on national instrument's forum.


This weblink show the compatibily USB. Not the USB 6353.


I hope helping.



Brice S.
National Instruments France

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Further, it would be necessary to contact The Mathworks, Inc. for help on what devices the Instrument Control Toolbox supports.  I would start here:


However, based on the information on the The Mathworks Inc. webpage, this driver appears to work for isntrument control, i.e. GPIB and Serial instruments.  However, the 6353 is a multifunction USB data acquisition device.  This would require the DAQmx Driver to be called, which The Mathworks, Inc. does offer the Data Acquisition Toolbox which interfaces with this, but again you will need to contact them to get information on the supported devices.



Academic Product Manager
National Intruments
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