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Is the DaQCard-6024e compatible with the bnc-2140?

I have a daqcard-6024e pcmcia card and would like to know if it is compatible with the bnc-2140?

If this is compatible, what cable should I use?  I have the cable(shc68-68-epm) that goes from the bnc-2140 to the pci card ( PCI-4452).

So, if there was some sort of adapter from the PCI-4452 into the pcmcia input that would also work.


Thanks for your help in advance.

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Hi hebertcl!


Sadly the BNC-2140 is designed to work with the line of DSA products only. That being said on the manual you can read that if: "IEPE disabled, a BNC-2140 input channel acts as a direct
voltage input". With this you might be able to conect the analog inputs from the 6024e to the BNC-2140, the bad news is that there is no direct cable that allows you to do this. You need to create the cable yourself and test the results. On the manual you can check the pinout for the cable and you would need a connector for the PCMCIA.


Hope this info helps somehow.


Have a great day!!



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