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Is it possible to changing the gain on an SCXI-1520 module while acquiring data?

It was my understanding that the gain could be changed by the software on-the-fly when we purchased the SCIX-1520 modules. Is this true? Is possible to change the gain of a channel while an acquisition is in progress?

Currently, SCXI_Set_Gain returns -10609, which indicates that a transfer is in progress and the operation could not be completed.

Do I have to stop the acquisition, change the gain, and restart the acquisition?
Is there a way to do that without losing all the setup information � i.e. some way other than DAQ_Clear?

Can I disable double-buffering while an acquisition is in progress, so that it stops at the end of the buffer?

This way I can restart
the DAQ by only calling SCAN_Start, instead of all the slow config functions and SCAN_Start�

(I�m doing continuous double-buffered DAQ)
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I did a careful search through our literature on the SCXI 1520, but I was unable to find anything that says it is possible to change the gain during an acquisition. This goes along with my previous experience working with DAQ, which means that this is not possible. Nor is it possible to disable double-buffering during an acquisition. You will need to use the DAQ_Clear command to clear the acquisition, and then the configuration will have to be done again.

Ryan Tamblin
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Thank you for taking the time to research this, I was hoping I was wrong 😞

Is there a way to twiddle the gain or switch from double to single buffered acquistion using RLP with the NI-DAQ hardware?
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