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Is PCMini 52 compatible with NI 9220?

Hello, I am trying to use a PCMini 52 to record 2 different temperature readings with cDAQ 9174 card NI 9220. It is giving no voltage reading and it is connected with 24V excitation voltage source. Any input or recommendations on how to wire it up correctly?

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Hi QC_Dave, check the connections of the PCMini52, make sure the supply voltage is appropriate and if you have a multimeter, check that the PCMini52 is giving some voltage, cause the 9220 should be ok taking that measurement. Contact the sensor company to see if there is a connection diagram

This is the manual but it has no diagram

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Hi niarena,


Thanks for the info, I had tried those steps and made sure the channel was working properly by supplying direct voltage to it. Turns out the sensor itself is bad and sending it in for repair.

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Thanks for sharing that QC_Dave. Take care


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