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Increase overvoltage protection of a PCI-6133 + BNC-2110


Hello everyone, according to the data sheet the PCI-6133 has an overvoltage protection of 36V. I use this card in combination with a BNC-2110 connector block. Is there a simple way to increase the overvoltage protection of the analog inputs to 100V? My measurement signal is max. 5V, but in case of an error 100V can be present for a short time and I want to reduce the risk of a defective data acquisition card.

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An easy way:

First limit the input current by adding a resisitor 10k or 100k (BTW what is ýour source impedance?)

after the resistor add a limiting device: A 1N4148  to 5V.

this will limit only to positive 100V .. and depending on your needed bandwidth .. you build a RC lowpass, R your resistor and C in the diode.


or look for a TVS diode

but keep in mind that they have a leakage current!   


A good source for circuit solutions : look at the schematics of DMM..


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