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Increase external voltage from NI USB 6008

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is it possible to increase the voltage coming from the pin 31?

I want to supply a relay which needs 5 - 12 V with the DAQ. But it doesn't work because it doesn't get quite to 5 Volts.

So I need more volts... the current of 200mA is plenty. The relay only needs 20mA


So can i just use a voltage converter or is there another way?

Is it possible to connect the 2.5 V pinout to the 5 V and get 7.5 V?


Greetings and thanks for helping 🙂

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If your relay (datasheet?) works with 5V and draw only 20mA you should be able to drive it with the 5V+ (pin31) ... will it work when you connect it directly

BEWARE Do this always together with a 'free wheeling diode! to protect the 6008 5V from back EMF when disconnecting an inductor (relay coil))

However I assume you want to control the relay using a DO pin... and 'loose' some voltage .. a proper selected transistor can help.


@bobikobi wrote:

Is it possible to connect the 2.5 V pinout to the 5 V and get 7.5 V?


but you can use an external voltage supply .. (another 5V from another USB or ...)


But from your questions I have the impression, that you are not quite familar with electronics, so my advice would be to make a plan of what you want to connect how  and discuss it here or with some else BEFORE atually connecting it.


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