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I want a continuous square wave by using USB-6002

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Dear Seniors,

I want a continuous square wave signal same as that we generate from the microcontroller, So I try to generate the square wave by using USB-6002 and my sampling info is 1k for Fs and 1k for a number of samples. But when I use that output as an input and check the graph so I get repeated signal for every 1sec and it basically overlaps for every 1 sec. I need a continuous square wave that doesn't repeat itself it should be continued even I press the stop button.

Kindly help me, my project is stopped due to this reason.

Thanks in advance.

Ibrar Ali


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Accepted by topic author Shesha12345

Do you mean you want to print out a continuous pulse by Counter Output?

Maybe there's something wrong with your code. 

Please refer to the following attachment which is counter example provided by NI 

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Dear Member,
Thank you so much for your consideration, I need the same thing by using Analog Output, It is possible, I mean I want to make a code such as that code generate square wave of a particular frequency and duty-cycle, and that wave should be continuous, such as when run button is pressed then generation started and it will stop when a stop button is pressed. And I need a continuous signal, no overlap signal, no delayed signal, no repeated signal at a particular time, that repetition is due to sampling. How I can generate that continuous square wave by using USB-6002 DAQ device.


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