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I need help setting up USB-4431 as a lockin amplifier

I have a USB-04431 that I wish to set up as a lock in amplifier. I currently us a SRS830 LIA but want to change to a smaller form factor with a s/w LIA interface.
I have the multichannell lockin software.
How do I configure the s/w to output the data I require?
How do I set up the tool to accept an outside clock?
How do I set the frequency I wish to lock to up?

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Hi ddallen, 


My name is Kevin and I am an Application Engineer here at NIUK. 


Here is a link to where you can download the software for the Multi Channel Count Lock-In Amplifier with NI-4472 and DAQmx. 


Once you have downloaded the zip file you will need to extract all the files and open the vi titled "MultiChannel LockIn -" This will give you the functionality of your lockin amplifier, you will be able to set the various parameters on the front panel.


Kind Regards

Kevin R
Applications Engineer
National Instruments UK&Ireland
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Hi all,

Continuing this issue regarding USB-4431 as lock-in amplifier.

I have another question regarding hardware.


Due to the need to move it from one place to another we prefer solution based on notebook and thus USB DAQ-card.

I found this oneUSB-4431, having 4 channels (seems to be working in pseudo-differential input mode, if I am not mistaken), 24-bit resolution, up to 102.4 kS/s sampling rate, delta-sigma ADC and simultaneous sampling mode and +-10V input range - so looking similar to PCI-4474/4472. But it has smaller dynamic range (100dB instead of 110dB), smaller timebase accuracy, and sample-rate resolution and it seems that it doesn't hav antialiasing configurable filters, etc.

I need it for light-measuring applications with signal levels >10uV and I intend to use low-noise configurable AC/DC pre-amplifier (from Femto company) having gain and bandwidth control in order to apmlifier signals before DAQ-card.

Can I use this USB-4431 for this purpose?

It seems to be slightly less good comparing to recommended internal PCI cards like NI 4472(4471), but maybe it is enough good for my application?

If not, which USB DAQ board can you recommend for this purpose?


Thank you in advance,


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