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I have a two pulse generator. I need to write to a file at the three intervals Ao0

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I have a two train pulses from an 6009. They are Ao0 and Ao1. The Ao0 output will produce the total time delay at my counter. The front panel shows 3,1,3. I can fire relays fine. I need to write to my "Write to file - LVM"  the same 3 intervals in time. Write after 3 seconds the global data. After 1 second, then after 3 seconds again.






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The whole file is not being sent? I am trying to write to a LVM file withe file I sent.
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I am trying to write to a LVM file. I need the ON time and then OFF time. The last time is the end of Ao0 and Ao1.

I do not know how to tell the file to read after the three intervals in time?





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Problem not resolved as yet. Board shows closed?
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Hey Phillip,

Thanks for posting on the forums!  I understand you are trying to write your global data after a specified time interval.  A brute force way to do it, would be to simply include the Write to Meas portion of your code in each sequence.  A better way would be to leverage the state machine architecture in LabVIEW.  This is a more modular approach, and will be much more maintainable.  You can read more about this architecture here.  Your code might look something like this.


Of course, you will wire the channel and error wires as needed.  The above image simply illustrates the state machine architecture.  The case structure determines which code to execute, and what the time interval is.  Let me know if you have issues with this.
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Rod T.
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