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I cannot seem get a Cockcroft-Walton Doubler to work with the protoboard and myDAQ?


For a lab assignment I am to construct a Walton Doubler. My Vpp is 2.5V so I should receive ~10V from the double. This is verified with Multisim - providing correct values, the single phase doubler also outputs a 5VDC as expected (in Multisim)


The issue I'm having; When constructing the physical circuit, using the myDAQ as both the scope and function generator, I only receive a DC reading of the RMS from my Vp. This is true for both the single phase and double phase.


Now the myDAQ, I will just walk through my setup incase I have missed something but it just won't seem to budge.


Here is the circuit for my lab, (It was brought to my attention; to not use elecrolytic, or a smaller value and the polarity was wrong, I have not been able to test with caps other than electrolytic the smallest I have are pF discs. Changing polarity either just broke the circuit or lost about 1V) Switching from 10uF caps to 1uF did nothing either.

Circuit to build.png

DoublerWaltonSim.png (Here is the working circuit in Multisim)



This is how my function generator is setup. 

Freq Generator.png


Here is the circuit that I built:



Here is how both my Function Generator and Scope are hooked up:




And here are my outputs from the circuit: The RMS of 2.5Vp is about 1.76v. I am getting about double the RMS.


physical walton.pngphysicalwatlonmm.png


So, I'm rather perplexed at this moment. Am I doing something incorrectly with the myDAQ?


EDIT: I am somewhat certain my approach and understanding is correct - leaving me to believe it's the myDAQ itself hence why I posted the question here instead of asking my instructor at the moment. 


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