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I can't measure many signals at the same time using the DAQCard-AI-16XE-50.

I'm using a Compaq Presario 1655 laptop with a DAQCard-AI-16XE-50 on the PCMCIA slot, and LabVIEW 6i and MAX 2.0.
I have a SCXI-1001 Chassis with SCXI-1122 and its terminal block SCXI-1322 installed (I have others too).
I'm trying to measure some signals at the same time, for instance, measuring 2 load cells signals, and a frequency of an indutive sensor (using the analog way with the "Extract Single Tone").
I realized that I can't measure at the same time my signals, neither the load cells - a 10608 error occurrs "NI-DAQ LV: No transfer in progress for the specified resource".
What's the problem?
Some DAQCard limitation? Configuration?
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By your description I'm assuming you are trying to read those analog inputs in parallel. The SCXI-1122 doesn't have that feature. All the analog inputs will be multiplexed to one single Analog Input channel on your DAQ board. If you need to make measurements in parallel, you need to use one of the SCXI modules that allows that operation. For more information on what modules support that operation, you can always refer to our home page at
Hope this helps.
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