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I am looking for wireless/wired analog/digital/serial converters

I am looking for ethernet to analog/digital/serial converters.  Wired is actually preferrable to wireless, or something that has capability for both.
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One source is Omega, My browser is messing up on their site so I do not have specific model numbers to give. Look for Ethernet data acquisition product there.
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Hello nicaveman,

If you are looking for an ethernet to serial converter, take a look at our Ethernet Serial Interfaces.

If you are looking for more of a multifunction DAQ device (something that can do analog or digital input/output) with ethernet capability, take a look at Compact FieldPoint.  There are a variety of modules that offer you a wide range of input/output functionality.  You can also use one of the controller interfaces if you need to embed a real-time application. 

Hope this helps!

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