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I am looking for a DAQ system that can provide a 5V output

I am looking for information on a DAQ system that can provide a pulsed output of 5V to act as an excitation voltage for a soil moisture sensor. The output needs to be approx 10 mA and pulsed for about 10 ms.
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Hi Joel,


For your purposes check a NI USB 6009 Data aquisition card. It's digital output lined can provide exactly this same voltage level that you need. The maximum output current seems to be a little lower and its about 8,5-9 mA . USB 6009 is very convinient and simple in use, but try to use NI DAQ mx version 8.0 or later to cooperate with it.



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I suppose I should clarify something. I am looking for a DAQ system that can provide a pulsed 5V output, and also measure up to several dozen thermocouple inputs. Is there a module that can fit side by side with something like a SCXI 1102 with a SCXI 1303 Terminal block. That is the current set up that I am using in a SCXI 1000 chassis.
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Maybe this is a silly answer due to my only theoretical knowledge of SCXI, anyway...

If your SCXI chassis is connected to PC via a multifunction DAQ board you should have access to digital and timing lines of this board, supposingly via a scxi-1180 or better scxi-1181 module.If this is true, you could use a counter of your daq board to generate the square wave signal you need, but you will need to add a transistor in output since counter lines are not capable of such a current as you require. This transistor and a couple of external components could be housed on the breadboard part of 1181 module.

I hope this can help you a little...

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