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I am having trouble using analog triggering on PFI0 with PCI-6110

I am having trouble with analog triggering. I am trying to use PFI0 as an anlog input for triggering purposes and this is on a PCI-6110 card. I am outputing a 10Hz 5Vpp triangle wave signal from an analog output channel and inputing it into PFI0. I am configuring the trigger with the code listed at the bottom. When I start the data acquisition is not triggered. If I increase the frequency up to about 480-500Hz then the trigger will start and then I can actually move the frequency back to 10Hz and it will continue to trigger. Also if I leave the code the same and the waveform the same but switch the trigger type to cwaiHWdigital then it will trigger at the 10Hz level. I suspect that this may have something to do with the coupling of the PFI0 input but I am not sure if this is the case and if it is I do not know how to configure the coupling of PFI0 in measurement studio VB. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

cwaiDAQ2.StartCondition.Source = "PFI0"
cwaiDAQ2.StopCondition.Type = cwaiContinuous
cwaiDAQ2.StartCondition.Type = cwaiHWAnalog
cwaiDAQ2.StartCondition.Mode = cwaiFalling
cwaiDAQ2.StartCondition.Level = 2
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Do you get this result only on PFI0 or do you get this on other PFIs as well? additionally, if you increase the max value of the voltage to say 7, does that change the frequency at which triggering starts working?
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I tried increasing the voltage and this did not seem to have nay affect on the frequency that it started triggering. I also tried to lower the trigger level. As far as trying other PFI's I dont believe I can. As fas as I can tell PFI0 is the only one that can be used as an analog input and analog trigger.

I looked at the article in the knowledge base 2ZD9B3W3 and it seems to be a similar problem. I tried to replicate the code in my program but I really have no experience with NI_DAQ function calls in visual basic so maybe I am doing it incorrectly. I did not get any errors but the NI_DAQ function calls are mixed in with CWAI measurement studio function calls so maybe when I configure cwai it resets what I have just changed with NI_DAQ. I could really use some specific direction on how to succesfully set PFI0 to DC coupling with the CWAI control or how to mix measurement studio and NI_DAQ functions.
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I don't think there should be a problem in mixing CW function calls with NI_DAQ function calls. Can you post your code please so that I can take a look at it?


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