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I/O board to control a Lambda Physik piezo xyz stage and trigger Ortec MCS pci card

I would like to be able to control a Lambda Physik P517 xyz stage and start/stop an Ortec MCS card and
ultimately acquire MCS data in LabView to produce scanned images !
Does anyway have experience in this and provide advise ?
Is there a an I/O board that is capable of all these functions ?
Would the analogue output feed "directly" to the piezo
stage or would it activate the piezo controller ?
Can I feed signal from the MCS into the I/O board to
register signal as a function of xy stage position ?
Am i asking too much of a single card to do this job ?
Any help much appreciated.
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For us to give you good advises on this application, it would be good if you post some basic information about the non NI equipment you are trying to use there.
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I'll be using the Ortec MCS-PCI multichannel scalar acquisition card which I understand from the Ortec literature is programmable from LabVIEW (presumably drivers included). The Lambda Physik piezo controller has a 3 channel BNC inputs which require -2 to 12V inputs to drive the actuators. I've read some lit where someone has used a NI 6111 to control the stage and monitor position from it's servo sensor (not sure what the output voltage from this part of the controller is yet ?). I assume if the MCS and the NI 6111 can be controlled from LabView, synchronizing the scanning voltages to move "1 pixel" with each channel acquisition is feasible.
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