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How to use Nidaq functions in a Borland C++ application ?


I am using :
Windows 98
Borland C++ version 5.02
Nidaq 6.8.1
hardware : PC-DIO-24

I have written a small program to test how to use Nidaq functions in a C++ program.
The code is :

#include "nidaq.h"
void main(void){
i16 iStatus = 0
i16 iDevice = 1
i16 iChan = 0
f64 dVoltage=2.5

iStatus = A0_VWrite(iDevice,iChan,dVoltage)

I have added the path of Ni-Daq\Include and Ni-Daq\Lib in Project\Options.
When I try to build the project, I get the following message " unresolved external symbol AO_VWrite ".

So, I have added nidaq32b.lib as a nodd to the project and I have used the "create library" option of the TurboMenu. Then, when I try to build the project, I get the follow
ing message : "" ..\nidaq32b.lib" contains invalid OMF record, type 0x4d "
I precise that I am using Borland C++ version 5 and not Borland C++ Builder.

Thank you for helping me.
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There is a good KnowledgeBase at NI home page talking about that issue.

If you go to and type +ni-daq +run +borland at the search engine of the page, the second result is the link to the KB I'm referring to.

Hope this helps.
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