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How to synchronize a PXIe 6356 card usind a PXI 1042q chassis with 10 MHz external clock



here the problem, I have a PXIe 6356 card mounted on a PXI 1042q chassis. On the REf in of the PXI chassis I have routed in a REF 10 MHz that comes from an atomic clock. 


I have to use 6 AI of the 6356 and I would like to know how I can be sure that the time base used by the card is the REF 10 MHz I routed in. From the manual seems the 6356 can Phase locked only to 100 MHz. Can I use as time base for my acquisition an external 10 MHz ?


Thank you in advance for your help,




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Hola Hola,


Take a look at the following article about PXI synchronisation.

You'll find that when a clock is present on the PXI_CLK10 IN it will automatically override the PXI system clock.


Afterwards when you use the  DAQmx Timing.VI for you analog input task and select the PXI 10 MHz clock as a reference that will actually be selecting the 10 MHz clock from your atomic clock.


Have a nice day!


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