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How to synchronize PCI4474 and 6601 througn RTSI

  I am a new user of DAQmx. I use 4474 to acquire virbration singal and use 6601 to acquire tacho signal.I heard that PCI 4474 and PCI 6601 can be synchronized by RTSI,but I really don't know how to  do it in details. I used the example in labview,but it can't work . Because it is used for PXI. The settings of PXI and PCI are different. Is there anyone can give me some examples. Thank you!
(Labview 7.1 ,DAQmx)
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There are two signals that you can share between the PCI-4474 and the PCI-6602.  They are the start trigger and the AI sample clock.  Unlike PXI, you cannot share the sample clock timebase of the PCI-4474 over RTSI with the PCI-6602.  Here's a link to a KB which talks about different types of synchronization methods you can use with DSA and counters:




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