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How to switch two Digital IO in a DAQmx as a output

Hello, i need to switch two Digital IO in a DAQmx (Output in a PXI-6528).

LabVIEW launch next error:

Error -200014 occurred at DAQmx Create Channel (DO-Digital Output).vi

Possible reason(s):

Terminal cannot appear multiple times within a single digital input or output task.

Physical Channel Name: port3/line0
Virtual Channel Name: PXI1Slot3/port3/line0

Task Name: MyDigitalOutTask
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Hi Andreu,

the best way to analyze your question is to post a short example on the programming language that you´re using in order to investigate a little bit.

Moreover, under NI Find Examples of LabVIEW (if you programm with LabVIEW), you can find several examples how you can programm your digital port about (you can type "Write" or "digital" under Search tab).

One example would be: "Write Dig Chan-Int Clk-Dig".


Diego M.
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