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How to set PFI 1/AI REF TRIG pin as an ouput (PXI 6133)?

The user manual states that the PFI channel can be set as outputs.  How is this done?  I am using a PXI 6133 board with the BNC 2110.  I would like to use the signal to trigger another device not in the pxi chassis. 






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Hi Ed,


what is the other PXI device you want to trigger?

Is it able to receive timing and trigger signals through RTSI Bus? If yes, you could use a RTSI line to pass the trigger signal and don't need to externally cable the trigger signal do the other device.

Even if you are able to connect to the device over RTSI or not, you need to explicitly "connect" the AI Ref Trigger signal internally unsing the DAQmx Route function. (LabVIEW:  DAQmx Connect; C: DAQmxConnectTerms). You need to specifiy the AI Ref Trigger as source signal and the PFI 1 or RTSI as destination terminal. 


Hope this helps,



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