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How to retrieve VI from cRIO 9014


Hi Folks,


I have a few cRIO 9014 modules with a number of IO cards at work that no one has used in years. The systems were used as a data acqusition systems for temporary vibration monitoring at our facility. I dont have a copy of the VI.


Is there a way I can recover the VI from the CRIO? I'm wondering if there is a simple command I can use, or if its even possible!  (i'm very new to labview)


Thanks for your help!



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Hi bsaleem,


Short answer is no.


Long answer: To my knowledge, whatever was deployed to the cRIO was compiled, so it is no longer a VI.  If you need to replicate the exact functionality, you can make a copy of the image on the cRIO using RAD (, but you won't be able to make any changes to the code whatsover.


Also worth noting, a lot of of the vibration systems out there use the examples that ship with the Sound and Vibration Suite (, so it's very likely the VI used was a minor adjustment from an example.


I hope that helps.

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Hi gdrag, it most certainly does help. Thanks for taking the time to respond! 



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