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How to reconfig my application to make it run faster

I am running Labview 8 on a 3Ghz P4 with 512Mb RAM.  I have a NI 4351 PCI analogue card to read thermocouples and voltages with a NI 488.2 GPIB card to control devices.  I also utilise a third party CANBUS card to communicate with CAN Devices.
I have written a control system for a unit in LabView8, the whole system runs well except that the analogue readings are slow to acquire (i assume there is little I can do to improve this as this is a hardware limitation).  The analogue readings are the bottleneck in the system, to read 5 voltages can take in excess of 5 seconds which is far too long for my needs.  I have tried the multithreading option in the knowledge base articles, however, considering i cannot wire error lines to force threading since the analogue VI's (standard orginal a1 scan and a1 sample vi's) do not have wireable error terminals.
My question really is, is there any way that I can get the analogue readings to continue in the background whilst the rest of the control system continues?  This is becoming a major problem and may mean having to move away from the NI card to buy a dedicated unit that can sit on the gpib bus which I can interrogate considering the system is not multitasking. 
Any help appreciated.
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Hi Mike,

There shouldn't be any reason why your analogue readings are so slow. Are you seeing this delay when transfering data over the PCI bus? Maybe the problem is that you are waiting for a buffer to fill before this transfer is made. Would it be possible to post some code that runs slow on your machine that I can look at here?

The entire application or some example code would be great.


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