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How to make IIC using a multifunction DAQ (Labview or CVI)

I would like to generate IIC by using the digital IO of a multifunction DAQ, has somebody
experience or even beter an application example. All info is wellcome, thanks
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What's IIC?
John Weeks

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IIC stands for a serial communication bus(serail data, serail clock, gnd) between IC's, this is
often used in consumer products.
PS IIC stands for "Inter IC bus"
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You are talking about the I2C, Inter Integrated Circuit bus. It's a 2-wire serial interface standard defined by Philips Semiconductor. I was originally used to connect a CPU to pheripheral chips in a TV-set. It consists of two active wires and a ground connection.

Ok, so far the explaination of the interface.

1. You can basically interface trough LabVIEW with a Digital I/O board. You just access the digital lines and convert the information.

Like in the attached llb, Demo_I2C. This example uses normal Traditional Daq functions to access the I/O lines from a NI digital board.

2. There has been a driver developed by one of our Alliance members. This driver communicates with chips through the Parallel port. Check the following link:

3. FPGA boards are always a nice solution too. Just put the convertion algorithm + DIO access on a FPGA. (more expensive solution ofcourse). It's no really a high speed data transfer so you don't really need FPGA for the speed.

BTW: Search on our website for I2C. You will get more hits then.


Joris V
NI Belgium
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Anyone kept the driver from Calbay?

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