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How to know the force (Newton), given a millivolt output?

Any Principles or Conversions?



30 mV = _______ Newton?


Pls Help

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Impossible to answer unless we know the output characteristic of your load cell / amplifier...

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so you mean it depends on the specification of that load cell like its load capacity and  output signal.....


Correct me if I'm wrong....plss


So if ive got a load cell that has:

max load capacity = 1250 kN

max output signal = 100 mV


so if ive got a measured output of 30 mV, then i will get a 375 kN force applied>?



30 mV * (1250 kN / 100 mV) = 375 kN..........


Plss confirm if im correct





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Your computation seems correct.


Is this a strain gauge load cell ? Has it an integrated electronic or do you use an external amplifier ?

With this type of load cells, the output rate is expressed in mV/V and the output depends on the sensor's supply voltage.


Could you provide the datasheet in order to remove any doubt ?

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Well this can be done actually. When you draw a graph of potential diffence, milivolt with respect to force, newton, you will find that 1 milivolt is equal to 100 newton.

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Could you help me please? or should I write a new topic? 


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@Mo8017 wrote:

Could you help me please? or should I write a new topic? 


I'd recommend starting a new topic and add a lot more detail to describe your problem.

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