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How to get data for more than one second for DAQPAD MIO 16XE 50 using Microsoft Visual Basic?

I got a DAQPad MIO 16 XE 50. I am coding in Microsoft Visual Basic. I am trying to scan the temparature for more than one second. Now, I only can scan temperature for one second. It is not the number of scans/sec that I am concern of, instead is the longer scanning time (e.g more than 5 seconds). To better undertand my question, I would like the to have the reading for the temperature for 5 seconds instead of 1 second, which I am having now. What function calls should I use or what should I change in the Visual Basic?
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You can lengthen the amount of acquisition time by changing two parameters: sampling rate or the buffer size. To lengthen an acquisition you will decrease the sampling rate and/or increase the buffer size. If you do not want to change the sample rate of the acquisition then you can increase the buffer size of your acquisition. This will increase the number of samples you are taking and thus increase the acquisition time. There are different NI-DAQ functions that can set the buffer size. I would take a look at some examples that get installed with NI-DAQ that are located in the ...\Program Files\National Instruments\NI-DAQ\Examples\VBasic folder. The 'DAQsingleBufSync.VBP' program would be a good one to start with. I hope this helps.


Todd D.
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hi, I have the same DAQ and i am trying to run it on XP, but i cannot change the IRQ

of the add on printer port. Is this neccesary? labview doesnt support this DAQ after

2000NT, will it be possible for you to share the drivers?

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