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How to get a pulse train out of a PXI-6229?



I have a PXI-6229 multifunction DAQ card in a PXI-1050 chassis. I've managed to get the card to produce analogue (sinusoidal) waveforms and digital (square) waveforms, verified through my oscilloscope.


However, I can't seem to get a pulse train from a counter output.


In MAX, I opened the Test Panel for the card, and used the default settings:

  • Channel name = PXI1Slot8/ctr0
  • Mode = Pulse Train Generation
  • Frequency = 1000
  • Duty Cycle = 50

MAX said that the "Pulse Terminal" is /PXI1Slot8/PFI12, so I connected my oscilloscope probe to pins 2 and 36 on my SCB-68A connector block.


When I clicked "Start", the Test Panel started running the task without reporting any errors. However, I didn't see a pulse train on my oscilloscope.


What I DID see, however, was a ~0.5 Vpk-pk, 50 Hz mains hum (I live in Australia). The hum was present BEFIRE I started the counter task, but was not present when I probed AO or DIO channels.


What could be causing this hum, and how to I get a counter output? I'm using this card as the "bridge" to the built-in SCXI chassis; would that be a factor?




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I feel rather foolish now... My connector was loose. Smiley Embarassed Everything works as expected!

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