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How to fine tune 24VAC for SCXI-1160 1324

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Good day,

I'm searching to fine tune the 24VAC (which is now suprisingly 28VAC).

We are using NI-PCI-6030E, SCXI-1001 chassis with 1160 & 1324.

In code (vi), I see that just a relay is switched to power our module to test (wanted 24VAC).

SC1Mod4/ch0 or 1.

I assume that I have to define the 24VAC with Measurement & auotmation explorer? NI-488.2 interactive control? or NI-DAQmx Configuration tool?


I'm new in this stuff and have to maintenance an old system..


best regards,


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Accepted by topic author kdCMC
I don't understand your question about 24VAC. The scxi module is a simple relay board and the 6030 cannot generate that high of a voltage. You need to look at the schematics of your system to see what is being used for a voltage source.
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yeh, right, that's what I assumed afterwards yesterday evening.

I thought: we give the NI tower 220V supply, so, there is intelligence to supply other voltage levels... 🙂


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