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How to eliminate ghosting effect or cross talk?



I am using PCI 6070 E DAQ card with DAQmx 9.5 driver. I am using this card to read 10 analog inputs (10 Sensors) on 10 Channels. The problem is even if I disconnect e.g. channel 1 from from the sensor1, I am getting the signal which is from sensor2. i.e. the signal from sensor 2 is reflected on channel 1. I tried to change the convert rate using DAQmx Timing API to increase inter channel delay BUT this did not solved my problem. Does anyone have solution to suggestions?


thanks in advance





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There is a knowledgebase article about it... somewhere on the ni site.....


Shortcut/ground one channel, say AI11. in the scan list alternate the channels with the grounded one ( A01,AI11,AI02,AI11,AI03,AI11,... )

Discard all the AI11 readings ...


Samplerate as low as possible and the source output impedances as low as possible.



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thanks for the reply....I have seen the knowledge database........but it didn't help me to solve my problem........I tried the way you told but it is not possible to add the same channel (i.e. AI11 as u said ) multiple times in the scan list.............LabView gives error






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Please take a look at these pages

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