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How to determine the width of sampling pulses during the use of AI functionalities with NI acquisition cards?



Seeking help from the community! I'm using the NI USB 6341 acquisition card, which features 16 single-ended channels and a maximum sampling rate of 500kS/s. How can I determine the width of the sampling pulses it generates during sampling? Similar to what's depicted in the image.

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You can Export the Internal Analog Input Sample Clock to a PFI line and connect it to a scope.

But why do you want to know? 

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Looks like you want to know something about the 'integration time' during sampling....  not so easy here

The 6341 is a multiplexing device, so take a look at the manual and the specs.

the internal MUX switches between the channels and the sampling unit capacity needs some current to settle and follow the input signal.  The (dynamic) source impedance is an important point to look at.


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Thank you for your guidance. My main inquiry revolves around understanding the duration of 'sampling integration' on the acquisition card, aiming to integrate the power from the detector to derive the corresponding energy.

I've utilized the method you provided in your previous reply to measure the signal of the sampling clock. It appears to be similar to the one depicted in the attached image , the width is about 50ns. Can I consider this as the width of the sampling pulses showcased in the illustration of the question?图片1.jpg

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Thank you for your reply, now my device just use one channel and don't switch any channel.
I have measured the signal of sampling clock, just like the picture in another reply of this question,what really confused me is 'can I regarded it as the integration time of the rectangle sampling pulse mentioned in the question'?
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