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How to connect RTD (4 wire method) using a 4x16 (2 wire) or 2x32 (1 wire) switch topology

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Is there a way to make 4 wire measurements using the PXI 2530 with TB 2631 switch, which only has 4x32 (1-wire), and 4x16 (2-wire) topology.

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The TB 2631 attached to a PXI 2530 will let you assume a 4x32 (1-wire) or 4x16 (2-wire) matrix. Connecting to a DMM with a 4x32 1 wire topology you would be able to connect the DMM to the 4 Rows and up to 8 4 wire RTDs to the different columns ( 32/4 =8). You should consider the TB 2630 if 8 is not enough; this terminal block will let you assume a 4 wire 32x1 topology so you could measure up to 32 RTDs from the same DMM with this one switch card. Let me know if anything I said was unclear.

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