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How to bring PXI 6133 to retriggerable mode (analog in)



i've a analog signal, which should be sampled (finite sampled, trigger).


On other cards i used the "start.retriggerable" node  - what works great, an i get all the signals



--> the PXI 6133 doesn't know this command  😞  , so i loose about 30% of my data


What can i do ? Has anyone a idea



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Hello Bernysberny1,


you might be able to use the Start.Retriggerable Property not on the Analog Imput Sample Clock but instead on a Counter Output Task.

The Counter Output Task generates a finite Number of Samples every time the Trigger Condition is met.

The Counter Output is then used as a Sample Clock for a Continous Analog Imput Task.


I hope this helps a bit!


Best Regards!


Moritz M.

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